Astronomy Observation Log

Classic Rich Field Astronomy

Classic Rich Field booklet (print-on-demand)

Messier ObjectsCosmology

Messier Nebulae

Messier NebulaeOrion/Cygnus Arm

Messier NebulaeSagittarius Arm

Messier Open Clusters

Messier OC : 0-10 Myr (“Kindergarten”)

Messier OC : 10-100 Myr (“Teenagers”)

Messier OC : 100-1000 Myr (“Boomers”)

Messier OC : 1000-5000 Myr (“Retirees”)

Messier OC : 5000-10000+ Myr (“Hospice”)

Messier Dying Stars

Death of Messier High Mass Stars

Death of Messier Low Mass Stars
(Planetary Nebulae)

Messier Globular Clusters

Messier GCs, XLS (MS Excel)

Classic NGC Observations

Classic best NGC list, PDF (Adobe)

Classic best NGC list, XLS (Excel):

Classic Best NGC – WINTER


CBN Winter – Auriga

CBN Winter – Taurus

CBN Winter – Gemini

CBN Winter – Orion

CBN Winter – Monoceros

CBN Summer – Cepheus

CBN Fall- Cepheus

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